1969. I was thirteen years old and, like most teenagers, seeking my true self and trying to figure out what my role was in this world. At that time, my world was in a gain momentum and nothing seemed like it was before. Music was what mattered most in my life. In general, music defined one’s culture, art, literature, philosophy, the opinions you should have, the clothes you should wear, your hairstyle and the friends you had.
Many of my fellow youngsters settled for the pop music they heard on the radio, but pretty soon I looked and listened beyond those limited borders.
So I was quite young when I first heard Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, and I became a fan for life, Pink Floyd and lots of other breaking new bands followed. Through that kind of music, I ended up with jazz, modern classic, ethnical and electronic music. “The stranger, the better”, was my device. It was also in that period that I witnessed a concert of Soft Machine on television. It left me breathless and amazed and at the end of that program, I was completely “into” Soft Machine. Their music opened lots of doors. You can read the complete story about that experience elsewhere on this website. Soft Machine was an English band that, like many other bands midway the sixties, experimented with sound and lights. But the Soft Machine had, at least in my ears, something more too it: humanity. The group is often threatened to be forgotten, but they deserve to have a revaluation. Every time I listen to their music now, despite the fact that some of the music sounds a bit outdated, it gets me by the throat and fascinates me again. Nostalgia? Could be. But I hardly ever listen to most of the other music from my teenage years. I still think, it’s that human aspect in their music. Listen to it yourself sometime, maybe this machine finds a soft way to make you vibrate as well… Dedicated to you, maybe you are listening.
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