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Re-mastered 3CD clamshell boxed (Esoteric Recordings) set featuring all three Soft Machine albums released on the Harvest label between 1975 and 1978. Bundles (1975), Softs (1976) and Alive And Well, Recorded In Paris (1978) with replica album sleeves and a poster. Releasedate: june 26th, 2019.
The hugely popular Bundles featured a line-up of Mike Ratledge (keyboards), Karl Jenkins (Oboe, Piano, Soprano Sax), John Marshall (Drums), Roy Babbington (Bass) and guitar great Allan Holdsworth. By the time Softs was recorded, the line-up included Karl Jenkins John Marshall, Roy Babbington and new members John Etheridge Guitar) and saxophonist Alan Wakeman. The album contained the final appearance on a Soft Machine album by Mike Ratledge (who contributed to Ban-Ban Caliban and Song of Aeolus). Soft Machine’s final album for Harvest was Alive And Well, Recorded In Paris. The band’s line-up had changed once more and comprised Karl Jenkins (Piano, Electric Keyboards, Synthesiser), John Marshall (Drums), John Etheridge (Acoustic and Electric Guitars) and new members Steve Cook (Bass Guitar) and RIic Sanders (Violin). The album was the result of several nights of excellent concerts staged at Le Palace Theatre in Monmartre, Paris in July 1977.
Two disc mid-price set. Disc 1 of this set was recorded live in Paris and features the line up of Hugh Hopper, Mike Ratledge, John Marshall, and Elton Dean. Disc 2 is a compilation of tracks by bands and musicians from the Canterbury scene including Caravan, The Wilde Flowers and Robert Wyatt.
Soft Machine are an English jazz rock band from Canterbury, named after the novel The Soft Machine by William S. Burroughs. They were one of the central bands in the Canterbury scene and although they achieved little commercial success, they are widely considered to have been one of the most influential bands of their era.
Release date: October, 5th, 2018
Hidden Details is a new studio album of Soft Machine, recorded at the late great Jon Hiseman's Temple Studio in Surrey, England, last December 2017, and it will be released in September 2018 on MoonJune Records (North America; on CD and HD Download), on John Etheridge's Dyad Records (UK/Europe on CD, and iTunes), and on Vivid Records (Japan). From Moonjune website: “'Hidden Details' is very much the product of an active, contemporary sounding outfit striking out with its own agenda. Though informed by the past, the music here is neither weighed down nor beholden to it. Animated with the same ineffable and inquisitive spirit that has always made this group throughout its fifty years such a compelling experience." JOHN ETHERIDGE electric & acoustic guitar, THEO TRAVIS sax, flute, Fender Rhodes piano, ROY BABBINGTON bass guitar , JOHN MARSHALL drums. Special guest NICK UTTERIDGE wind chimes.
A limited and highly collectible vinyl edition of only 200 coloured vinyl (orange, blue and tour edition orange & blue marbled) of 'Hidden Details' will be released on the Dutch label Tonefloat, on September 8, 2018.
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Coming April 27th. A re-release of Soft Machine Live in Switzerland 1974 cd. New cover, well known tracks. See a few places below.
John O'Rourke is making a sculpture based on the idea of a construction kit of Robert Wyatt with the latters cooperation/approval. There is a website dedicated to recording the project’s progression. Click on the picture on the left for a visit and see the work in progress.
The sculpture has extensive interior spaces, which are interconnected. This includes three houses inside of his cranium. On O'Rourke's invitation, Robert has permanently concealed something within the small attic space of one of these houses. with the trapdoor glued into place he has no idea what it is and it will remain a secret.
Sad news: Allan Holdsworth (August 6, 1946) died on April 16, 2017. Allan helped out Soft Machine to take a turn in their musical approach. His sometimes furious guitar playing can be heard on 'Bundles', which is a guitar dominant record. But he suddenly left Soft Machine for Tony Williams Lifetime. Who wouldn't? Holdworth is known for his unusual approach, very fast guitar playing and the experiments with the synthesizer guitar, the SynthiAxe as well as his contributions to numerous musicians and bands. He also recorded many solo albums.
At last: part two of the Eberhard Weber/Hugh Hopper special will be broadcasted on February 3rd, 22.00 o'clock (Eruopean time). The show will feature tracks from Hugh's 10 cd set and Weber's most recent releases: bass solo's with sometimes added instruments. You can hear the programme directly in live stream. Words are in Dutch. Click on the picture on the left for a link to The Concertzender. Bass on top!
On Dutch Radio - The Concertzender - there will be a two hour programme in two parts around bassists Hugh Hopper and Eberhard Weber (German bass player). The show will mainly feature tracks from Hugh's 10 cd set but in the first part some others - from his musical past - as well.  Listen on Wednesday, September, 30 at 22.00 o'clock (European time). You can hear the programme directly in live stream. Words are in Dutch. The second part will be aired next year. Click on the picture on the left for a link to The Concertzender. Enjoy!
Gonzo Multimedia has released all of the Hugh Hopper 10-CD Set of unreleased recordings. An archival celebration of the music of bass guitarist, composer, Hugh Hopper; comprised of previously unreleased Hi-Fidelity recordings. The set was compiled by the late Michael King. This ten part series is to compliment a heretofore large body of work (over sixty titles) by presenting previously unreleased concert and studio recordings, with a focus on Hugh’s compositions as performed by groups under his leadership. All proceeds are to benefit Hugh's Hopper's family. Click on the picture on the left for extendend information.
Some sad news again. Gong and Soft Machine founder Daevid Allen (13.1.1938 - 13.3.2015) passed peacefully in Australia, Friday 13th at 1.05pm, surrounded by his boys. "It is with great sadness that we report the passing away of the great Daevid Allen, for many years the leading light in the anarchic collective Gong. Daevid lost his long battle with cancer, and the world is a little less sunlit as a result," a spokesperson for Allen said in a statement. "Tears first, celebration later."
Floating Wordl/Retroworld announced yet another 4cd-set with live Soft Machine performances. It is a somewhat peculiar release. At first I didn't find the tracks in their previous releases (this is a re-release) but if I'm right the tracks were released earlier by both Cuneiform and MoonJune records: Live in Paris; Noisette; Drop and a part of Backwards. As the website of Floating World learns: disc 1 was recorded live in Paris in 1972. From Disc 2 ‘Facelift’ and ‘Sevens’ were from the same show, and featured the line up of Hug Hopper, Mike Ratledge, John Marshall and Elton Dean. The remainder of the tracks from Disc 2 were recorded in London, and the line-up was Robert Wyatt, Mike Ratledge, Hugh Hopper,  Elton Dean and Mark Charig(?). Disc 3 was recorded live at the Fairfield Halls, Croydon, January 1970. A full set by the line up of Robert Wyatt, Mike Ratledge, Hugh Hopper,  Elton Dean and Lyn Dobson. Disc 4 was recorded in the Autumn of 1971 in Germany, and featured Hugh Hopper, Elton Dean, Phil Howard and Mike Ratledge. We have re-mastered these recordings to create the best possible audio experience of these historic shows. To be released March, 9th. also announced a 2cd set from Floating World/Retroworld with live recordings from the 60s. No further details yet.
Coming soon, February 3, 2015 on Cuneiform Records: 'Switzerland 1974' In 1974, the group added a guitarist for the first time since their very earliest days. And not just 'a' guitarist but the now-legendary guitarist ALLAN HOLDSWORTH, who made his initial reputation during his relatively short-lived tenure (barely 15 months) with the group. Also in the group at this time were ROY BABBINGTON (electric bass), KARL JENKINS (oboe, soprano sax, electric piano), JOHN MARSHALL (drums) and MIKE RATLEDGE (electric piano, organ, synthesizer).
On July 4, 1974, the group played the Montreux Jazz Festival on a bill that featured a number of well-known jazz/rock outfits. Now, for the first time ever, these audio and video recordings have been licensed from the Montreux Jazz Festival and issued in this CD / DVD set, which features the earliest performance footage of Allan Holdsworth on the marketplace.
The definitive biography of this ground-breaking band who played a pivotal role in shaping psychedelic rock, progressive rock and jazz-rock fusion. Based on lengthy interviews with the band and their associates, it recounts the lives of Soft Machine’s members, pieces together the band’s formation and colourful career, and unravels the truth behind the enigma that was Soft Machine. This REVISED and UPDATED EDITION includes over a hundred illustrations and a complete concert file, discography and sessionography. The first edition won an Award for Excellence in Historical Recorded Sound Research from the Association for Recorded Sound Collections. Bennett: "Well, it’s taken a couple of years longer than expected but the revised and updated edition of “Soft Machine: Out-Bloody-Rageous” is now available. Apologies for the delay. In revising the biography I’ve been able to refine the narrative, update the discography, add some new illustrations and correct a few inaccuracies. It’s also enabled me to clear my conscience, after promising repeatedly for five years that the revised edition was imminent. The economics of publishing mean that it’s only available as an ebook, which I hope you can forgive." (quote from What's Rattlin'?).
SIGNED ARTIST PRINTS OF ROBERT WYATT ALBUM COVERS are on sale to celebrate the new authorized biography (see below). Different Every Time, an authorised biography of Soft Machine founder Robert Wyatt, is released this month. It’s a terrific book, covering Wyatt’s idiosyncratic 50-year ‘career’, from touring the States with Hendrix to guest spots with Hot Chip and Bjork, and is illustrated with fascinating, rare shots from Robert’s personal archive. Special copies with a bookplate signed by Robert and his wife and creative partner Alfie Benge (who has created all his record covers for the past 40 years) are available online from Hypergallery. Hypergallery is also selling beautiful 2ft-square limited edition prints of the artwork from Robert’s first two albums (Rock Bottom and Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard), signed by Alfie and Robert. This is the fist time Alfie has sold her cover artwork in any form.
Here is the link:
Domino are proud to release ‘Different Every Time’, a new compilation album of the works of Robert Wyatt. Curated by Robert together with Domino and biographer Marcus O’Dair, the double album features disk 1 ‘Ex Machina’, the ideal introduction for the Wyatt novice, compiling tracks from Robert’s entire career to date and acting as a companion to O’Dair’s new biography. Disc 2 brings together the best of Robert’s collaborations and guest appearances, or, as Robert has it, ‘benign dictatorships’, including some very special oddities and rarities available here for the very first time. Collaborations and appearances by: Jeanette Lindstrom, Anja Garbarek, Hot Chip, Epic Soundtracks, Grasscut, Happy End, Monica Vasconcelos, Working Week, Phil Manzanera, Steve Nieve, Cristina Dona, Nick Mason, Mike Mantler, Björk and John Cage. Disc two is the more surprising one and makes the set alone worth buying. Appears as 2cd or as limited print 2lp-set with download card. To be released: November 17th.
'Different Every Time' is the authorised (!) biography of Robert Wyatt, written by Marcus O'Dair witn an introduction by Jonathan Coe. Published by Serpents Tail.  About the book: Robert Wyatt started out as the drummer and singer for Soft Machine, who shared a residency at Middle Earth with Pink Floyd and toured America with Jimi Hendrix. He brought a Bohemian and jazz outlook to the 60s rock scene, having honed his drumming skills in a shed at the end of Robert Graves' garden in Mallorca. His life took an abrupt turn after he fell from a fourth-floor window at a party and was paralysed from the waist down. He reinvented himself as a singer and composer with the extraordinary album Rock Bottom that has brought him a loyal following not just in Britain but in France, Italy and Germany. For about a decade he was a member of the Communist party, and in the early eighties his solo work was increasingly political. Today, Wyatt remains perennially hip, guesting with artists such as Bjork, Brian Eno, Scritti Politti, David Gilmour and Hot Chip. Marcus O'Dair has talked to all of them, indeed to just about everyone who has shaped, or been shaped by, Wyatt over five decades of music history. It's a beautiful book, packed with photographs and recommended for both Soft Machine and Robert Wyatt fans. Published: October 30th.
Gonzo Multimedia will release a Hugh Hopper 10-CD Set of unreleased recordings: HUGH HOPPER - DEDICATED TO HUGH, a 10-CD archival celebration of the music of bass guitarist, composer, Hugh Hopper; comprised of previously unreleased Hi-Fidelity recordings. The set is ompiled by Michael King. The CDs will be released individually, beginning with Volume One, entitled 'Memories'. This ten part series is to compliment a heretofore large body of work (over sixty titles) by presenting previously unreleased concert and studio recordings, with a focus on Hugh’s compositions as performed by groups under his leadership. All proceeds are to benefit Hugh's Hopper's family. Click on the picture on the left for extendend information.
Tanglewood Tails: Rare Tracks From 1963-1970Secret Records (?) will release: 'Tanglewood Tails: Rare Tracks From 1963-1970'. Release date: September, 1st, 2014. Looking at the tracks (23 on 2 discs) probably nothing new; tracks from 'Canterburied Sounds', maybe Paradiso (?) as well, in another setting and cover.
"Live At Royal Albert Hall In London On 13th August 1970" is the title of an LP-release (B13) of the set, which is more familiar known as 'Live at the Proms'. Release date: July, 21th, 2014. Limited edition in green color vinyl.
SOFT MACHINE LIVE 1970. A limited edition(1000 only), deluxe four CD set in digi-pack format, re-mastered with extensive liner notes from Floating World. These live recordings feature the band in a transitional stage from the darlings of the London Underground scene of the late sixties to the jazz rock outfit they became. The line up is MIKE RATLEDGE, ROBERT WYATT, HUGH HOPPER and ELTON DEAN. Discs 1 and 2 were recorded at Ronnie Scott's and cover material from their first three albums. Disc 1: Slightly All The Time, Out Bloody-Rageous, Eamonn Andrews, Mousetrap, Noisette,Backwards, Mousetrap(reprise), Hibou Anemone & Bear. Disc 2: Facelift, Moon In June, Esther's Nose Job, Pigling Band, Cymbalism, Esther's Nose Job(reprise). Discs 3 and 4 feature musician LYN DOBSON (this line up only lasted three months) and includes a 22 minute version of HUGH HOPPER'S classic Facelift. Disc 3: Eamonn Andrews, Mousetrap, Backwards, Mousetrap, Hibou Anemone & Bear. Disc 4: Facelift, Moon In June, 12/8 Theme, Drum Link, Esther's Nose Job, Pigling Bland, Cymbalism, Out Bloody-Rageous, Esther's Nose Job, We Did It Again. Seems to be a combination of Breda Reactor and Somewhere in Soho. Now it seems to be released in june, but release dates are postponed twice already.
2014: from Floating World Records: The SOFT MACHINE along with THE PINK FLOYD and THE CRAZY WORLD of ARTHUR BROWN were part of the UFO/London Underground scene in the mid-sixties. This 2 CD set combines two separate albums (Turns On vol. 1 & 2) that featured a collection of material that formed much of their live set of the day and went on to be their classic debut album The Soft Machine. This set has been re-mastered by SOUNDMASTERING and repackaged and features the original line up of ROBERT WYATT, MIKE RATLEDGE, KEVIN AYERS and DAEVID ALLEN. We (that is Floating World)  have done our best to improve and enhance the sound from the limited material we had and it sounds pretty good to us! A welcome addition to collectors and fans of all things psychedelic! Released before as seperate sets. Hope the audio quality is better. To be released end of May 2014.
2014: the new site is finished! All the discs now have a review, there are new pictures, the books and DVD are reviewed as well and all known discs and albums are mentioned. Soft Machine: more vivid than ever before.
2014: the new site is almost ready. The discs will be added one by one in complete new look and often updated with new information and pictures. Please visit 'discs' again and find extended reviews, new pictures and more...
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Gonzo released The Dutch Woodstock, Stamping Grounds, Holland Pop Festival, Kralingen Pop.Many names for the same festival. Anyhow, a pop-festival near Rotterdam, june 1970. With Jefferson Airplane, Byrds, Santana, Canned Heat, Pink Floyd and others. But also with Soft Machine. On the 2CD set there is e relatively short Esther's Nose Job. The added DVD shows the band in full flight, playing Esther. On stage: Ratledge, Hopper, Wyatt with hat and Dean. Interesting feature if you like pop festivals and a rather lo-fi sound and film. On the other hand a great opportunity to see the band live on stage in the seventies. And maybe also a little bit for nostalgic purposes, the end of the free sixties, the flower children and love & peace thing... As a newspaper wrote: a nice family festival!
Robert Wyatt '68. For over 45 years, Robert Wyatt has been a major, creative force in music, having had a major impact on the beginnings of both psychedelic rock and jazz/rock in the UK with Soft Machine, to his eventual long solo career as a unique singer/songwriter.In September, 1968, the Soft Machine had just finished their second, exhaustive tour of the USA supporting the Jimi Hendrix Experience. At the conclusion of the tour, vocalist/drummer/multi-instrumentalist Robert stayed, working on recordings in Hollywood and New York City. Upon Robert's return to England to re-start the Soft Machine in December, 1968, these documents lay forgotten. Two of them were eventually found and issued, but half of these recordings were unreleased and thought lost forever... Now, for the first time, all four of the recordings Robert made in '68 are collected together and released. This release is fully authorized by Robert and the liners include an in-depth interview with him about his recollections of this period of his work and life.Two of the demos are shorter songs and two are side-long tracks; both side-long tracks were later re-recorded by the Soft Machine, one on 'Volume II' (1969) and one on 'Third' (1970). These tracks serve as a template for the post-psychedelic Soft Machine's career as founders of European jazz/rock and the entire release is a precursor to Robert's post-band, solo career. To be released oct. 8th. 2013
Finally, reviews added for: Six Album, Fifth, Fourth,Third, Volume One and Two.
Time ticking backwards is as fast as a snail in the mud.
Once again Volume One and Two will be released. This time Wounded Bird takes its chances.
As long As He Lies Perfectly Still....
Expected end February 2012 from Esoteric:
Matching Mole- Matching Mole (2CD expanded). This edition has been newly re-mastered from the original master tapes and is expanded to include five previously unreleased studio session alternate takes, the single versions of ‘O Caroline’ and ‘Signed Curtain’, along with two BBC Radio One sessions from 1972.
Matching Mole – Little Red Book (2CD expanded). This edition has been newly remastered from the original master tapes and is expanded to include four previously unreleased studio session alternate takes and Matching Mole’s appearance on BBC Radio One "In Concert” in July 1972.
Just released, a new sampler from Esoteric, Tales of Taliesin. Included is material from Softs last four albums: Bundles, Softs, Alive & Well and Land of Cockayne. Nothing new if you have the remastered Esoteric editions already, which you do of course. If you don't: this is a nice way to discover the more guitar led rocky side of jazzy Machine.
Track Listing: CD1: Hazard Profile Part One; Gone Sailing; Bundles; Land of the Bag Snakes; The Floating World; The Tale of Taliesin; Out of Season; Second Bundle; Nexus; One Over The Eight; Number Three; The Nodder.
CD2: White Kite; Eos; Odds Bullets and Blades Part One; Odds Bullets and Blades Part Two; Puffin'; Huffin'; K's Riff; Song of Aeolus; Soft Space; Over n' Above; (Black) Velvet Mountain; Sly Monkey; Panoramania.
Reviews added for: Land of Cockayne and Alive and Well. Working backwards slightly all the time...
See Rivmic Melodies.
Reviews of Softs and Bundles added (22-12). Seven added (23-12)
The Gift of Purpose is a call for financial help from Hugh Hopper's wife Christine. This CD is only being sold by people who have agreed to pay the Hopper family the full selling price of $15.00 each copy. That means that right now, you can buy it from Downtown Music Gallery in New York City and Cuneiform Records/Wayside Music only. Every cent of your $15.00 goes to Hugh's family.
MoonJune are shooting at the Moon with a new release of Soft Machine Legacy live recordings: Live Adventures. Members on this disc: John Etheridge electric guitar; Theo Travis tenor & soprano sax, flute; Roy Babbington bass guitar and John Marshall drums. Recorded at Posthof, Linz, Austria on 22 October 2009 and at The Village, Habach, Germany on 23 October 2009.
Sony Music will release a box set including Soft Machine's Third, Fourth, Fifth, Six en Seven on october 25th. It is part of a series named 'Original ALBUM classics'. Nothing new and nothing extra.
Esoteric announced the november release of Alive and Well and recorded in Paris with lots of bonus material. It will be a double set! Surprise, surprise....

Released on 29/11/10. The album was the band ‘s third for EMI's Harvest label and featured a line-up of Karl Jenkins (Piano, electric keyboards, synthesizer), John Marshall (drums), John Etheridge (acoustic and electric guitars) and new members Steve Cook (bass Guitar) and Ric Sanders (violin). The final live recordings to be released by the band during their lifetime, Alive & Well was the product of several nights of excellent concerts at Le Palace Theatre in Monmartre, Paris in July 1978. The album was initially released as a single album, although the discovery of multi-track masters of a concert in the archives has resulted in this expanded edition with a CD of additional material recorded in July 1978. Unavailable officially on CD for nearly fifteen years, this Esoteric Recordings reissue has been re-mastered from the original master tapes and fully restores the original artwork.
Known tracks:
White Kite / Eos / Odds Bullets And Blades Part I / Odds Bullets And Blades Part Ii / Song Of The Sunbird / Puffin / Huffin / Number Three / The Nodder / Surrounding Silence / Soft Space
Bonus Tracks
K’s Riff / The Nodder / Two Down / The Spraunce / Song of Aeolus / Sideburn / The Tale of Taliesin / Organic Matter / One Over the Eight
and also:
Soft Space Part One / Soft Space Part Two (Disco Version), the A & B Sides of the '78 single, previously unreleased on CD
Click here to see the full details for Rubber RiffVoiceprint has released Rubber Riff.
The recordings from this session were used on several TV and Radio shows in the late 70's, but were never made commercially available. So, here for the first time and taken directly from the original master tapes, you can hear Karl Jenkins, John Etheridge, Roy Babbington, John Marshall and Carol Barratt go through their paces.

Not exactly true - the disc has been released before by Voiceprint in 1994.
In the (near) future all records on this site will get a review.
soft machineEsoteric Recordings is pleased to announce the reissuing of all the titles Soft Machine recorded for the Harvest label in the late 70s: Bundles, Softs and Alive And Well - Recorded in Paris, and from 1981, Land of Cockayne.
The first title to be released in May 2010 will be their classic Harvest label debut, Bundles, featuring Allan Holdsworth. Followed by Softs in June and Land of Cockayne in July. Alive and well will be released after the summer. All discs are remastered and have new booklets with background information.
New Cuneiform Release:
NDR Jazz Workshop Hamburg, Germany, May 17, 1973
Released in May 2010