boxset of four cd's, containing the individual discs below



CD 1 / Volume One
  1.Feelin', Reelin', Squealin' - Caravan
  2. Mummie - Robert Wyatt & Brian Hopper
  3. Da-Da-Dee/Bolivar Blues - Mike Ratledge & Robert Wyatt 
  4. Orientasian - Brian Hopper & Robert Wyatt
  5. You Really Got Me - Wilde Flowers
  6. Thinking Of You Baby - Wilde Flowers
  7. Man In A Deaf Corner - Brian & Hugh Hopper, Mike Ratledge & Robert Wyatt
  8. If I Ever Leave You - Zobe
  9. Stop Me & Play One - Robert Wyatt & unknown guitarist
10. Piano Standards 1 - Mike Ratledge
11. Belsize Parked - Hugh Hopper & Robert Wyatt
12. Summertime - Caravan

CD 2 / Volume Two
  1. Carazobe - Caravan & Zobe
  2. Instant Pussy - Robert Wyatt
  3. Esther's Nose Job - Soft Machine
  4. Moorish - Robert Wyatt & Brian Hopper
  5. Summertime - Mike Ratledge & Robert Wyatt
  6. Indian Rope - Zobe
  7. Drum Solo - Robert Wyatt
  8. Mirror for the Day - Pye Hastings
  9. Love Song With Cello - Robert Wyatt &  others
10. As I Feel I Die - Caravan
11. Where But For Caravan Would I - Caravan

CD 3 / Volume Three
  1. Slow Walkin' Talk - Robert Wyatt, Jimi Hendrix
  2. Frenetica - Mike Ratledge & Robert Wyatt
  3. Idle Chat - Mike Ratledge & Robert Wyatt
  4. 3/4 Blues Thing In F - Mike Ratledge & Robert Wyatt
  5. More Idle Chat - Zobe
  6. The Pieman Cometh - Zobe
  7. Liu-Ba - Robert Wyatt & Brian & Hugh Hopper & unknown guitarists
  8. Kansas City/Rip It Up - Brian, & Hugh Hopper, Pete Lawson
  9. That's Alright Mama - Brian & Hugh Hopper
10. Tanglewood Tails - Brian & Hugh Hopper & Robert Wyatt
11. The Big Show/Central Park West/Songs - Zobe 12. If I Could Do It All Over Again I'd Do It All Over You - Caravan

CD 4 / Volume Four
  1. Slow Walkin' Talk - Zobe
  2. Some-Of-The-Time - Mike Ratledge & Brian Hopper & Robert Wyatt & unknown guitarists
  3. Ghosts - Robert Wyatt & Mike Ratledge & unknown guitarsts
  4. With an Ear to the Ground You Can Make It - Caravan
  5. Dalmore Rode - Brian Hopper & Robert Wyatt
  6. Piano Standards II - Mike Ratledge
  7. Johnny B Goode - Wilde Flowers
  8. Cecilian - Brian & Hugh Hopper & Mike Ratledge & Robert Wyatt
  9. Austin Cambridge - Caravan

Recorded: between 1962-1969 at various places
Released: all individual sets: 1998 / boxset: 2013

2cd version (Retroworld, 2015)
disc 1 is the Wilde Flowers 'original' cd-set, disc 2 is a collection of tracks from Canterburied Sounds, except: track 1 'The Pieman Cometh' and track 12 'Hope For Happiness'of the second CD (resp. the first and the last) were recorded in 2003 by Brian Hopper and Robert Wyatt.

This project (the 4cd set that is) is dedicated to two 'mums', Billie Hopper, mother to Brian & Hugh, and to Honor Wyatt, mother to Robert. Both showed great love, not only to their offspring but also to countless friends, musicians and other itinerant individuals. Both opened their homes in a selfless way to all manner of musical and other experimentation, providing an environment which enabled much of the creativity heard on these cd's to be realised and much more that subsequently developed in various bands and musical combinations. It is probable that a great deal of the development that enabled what is popularly known as the 'Canterbury Sound' to emerge would not have occurred without the underlying and largely unsung support of these two gracious ladies.

Robert Wyatt (left) with his father George Ellidge, mother Honor and her daughter, Robert's half-sister Prue, outside Wellington House

Billie and Leslie Hopper
You are young and want to make, create and play music. You gather with your friends and start to play the songs you know, study the songs or compositions you like and have a lot of fun. You mother likes what you and your friends are doing and suddenly someone says “We have to put this on tape!”. Remember the old tape-deck or cassette-recorder, it didn’t always work properly, but what the hey. This exactly what Canterburied Sounds (great title) is all about. It is a collection of recordings made with primitive material, both technical and musical. Hugh and Brain saved it for fun, but not with the intention to release this private music. But history made other decisions because, these friends played in groups which became well known and popular throughout the world. So why not release these pro or prototype well known groups recordings? The lo-fi material was released as four volumes, but recently as box-set. Brian writes the very interesting and sometimes bemusing liner notes. Most of the tracks are from the Hopper bros, augmented with Robert (mostly) and Mike (sometimes) and other friends. It is great fun to hear all these home-recording sessions. Feelin’ Reelin’ Squeelin’ recorded by an early Caravan? George Gerswin’s ‘Summertime’ recorded by Robert and Mike? A very young Esther, who does her Nose Job? It is all here, in this very package. If you really like Soft Machine and maybe also are interested in musical history and want to know all about it, this set is not to be missed. But don’t expect a great sound or even superb quality. Listen and have fun too!

Paul Lemmens © 2014