1. Hazard Profile Part One
  2. Gone Sailing
  3. Bundles
  4. Land Of The Bag Snake
  5. The Floating World
  6. The Tale Of Taliesin
  7. Out Of Season
  8. Second Bundle
  9. Nexus
10. One Over The Eight
11. Number Three (Live)
12. The Nodder (Live)
  1. Two White Kite (Live)
  2. Eos (Live)
  3. Odds Bullets And Blades Part One (Live)
  4. Odds Bullets And Blades Part Two (Live)
  5. Puffin (Live)
  6. Huffin (Live)
  7. K's Riff (Live)
  8. Song Of Aeolus (Live)
  9. Soft Space
10. Over 'n Above
11. (Black) Velvet Mountain
12. Sly Monkey
13. Panaramania

Mike Ratledge: keyboards
Karl Jenkins: saxes, keyboards
John Marshall: drums and percussion
Roy Babbington: bass
Allan Holdsworth: guitar
John Etheridge: guitar
Alan Wakeman: soprano and tenor saxophones
Rick Sanders: violin
Steve Cook: bass
Ray Warleigh: alto saxophone, bass flute
Dick Morrissey: tenor saxophone
Alan Parker: rhythm guitar
Tony Rivers, StuCalver, John Perry: backing vocals

Recorded: between 1975-1981 at various places
Released: 2011

John - Allan - Karl - Mike - Roy
Tales of Taliesin is the complementary set to the Out-Bloody-Rageous Anthology. Tales of Taliesin starts where Out-Bloody-Rageous stopped: the years with the electric guitars, the more recent Machine until it stopped. It is a good collection of tracks, well written liner notes from Sid Smith. Most pictures arenít new and Brand Xís John Giblin seemed to had an extreme turnover since heís named as Steve Cook in the booklet.

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